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WELCOME to the website for the Catholic Parish of Otari which covers the areas of Karori, Wilton and Northland.  The parish has two churches, St Teresas in Karori and St Thomas More in Wilton (see contact page)

Otari Parish Holy Week and Easter Mass Timetable 

Palm Sunday 25 March 2pm - 1st Reconciliation – St Thomas More Church, Wilton

Tuesday 27 March 9.30am Mass St Teresas Church, Karori 7.30pm – Chrism Mass at Sacred Heart Cathedral Wellington

Wednesday 28 March 9.30am Mass; St Teresas Church, Karori

Holy Thursday – 29 March 7.30pm. Mass of the Lords Supper (Adoration follows) St Teresas Church, Karori

Good Friday – 30 March 

9.30am Ecumenical Way of the Cross. Beginning at St Annes Anglican Church, Northland, Wilton. Walking in a procession to St Thomas More Church, Wilton.  After the Service you are invited to share Hot Cross buns. 

       3.00pm – Solemn Liturgy of the Lords Passion St Teresas Church

Easter Saturday Vigil – Mar 31  7.30pm – Please note change of time 

St Teresas Church, Karori

Easter Sunday Masses – 1 April 8.30am St Thomas More, Wilton 

10.00am St Teresas, Karori


At the Otari Parish Children's Mass this term the children processed their candles to show that they were Children of the Light and were following the path of Jesus.  Father Sanele invited all the children forward at the end of Mass to say the Blessing.

5th Sunday of Lent March 18  Year B  

Unless a grain of wheat falls to the ground….’

Todays incident continues our reading from Johns gospel. We are in Jerusalem at the Feast of the Passover. Among those who come to worship are some Greeks. Jesusministry was mainly to the Jewish people in Johns Gospel (the story of the Samaritan Woman being an exception.) Their asking to see Jesus reminds us of the 1st chapter of John, where the disciples seek Jesus out. Now those who are not Jews do the same.

Jesus begins to talk of the future, his death and resurrection. unless a grain of wheat falls to the ground and dies, it remains a single grain; but if it dies, it bears much fruit.There is a clear message here of Christs impending death and resurrection. 

In many ways, we are like those 1st disciples and the Greeks of todays reading. We are searching. Unlike them, we know the ending – the resurrection of Jesus, but that does not necessarily give us more faith than them. Like them, we are searching – to know Jesus better, to live his life more fully, to be more faithful. We never know it all; we are always growing in our faith journey.

As we come towards the end of Lent – our time to know Jesus more, it is good to ask ourselves what is holding us back. What are the things that are stopping us from coming closer to Jesus. That is where the sacrament of reconciliation comes in. It is a wonderful opportunity to be open about our failings and to receive the healing embrace of Gods love. This afternoon (Sunday 18) at 2pm at St Thomas More Church we will have the 2nd Rite of Reconciliation. The next Sunday, also at 2pm at St Thomas More, there will be the 2nd Rite of Reconciliation for the children in the Sacramental Programme and anyone else who would like to avail themselves of the sacrament.

Points for Reflection:  

Unless a grain of wheat falls to the ground and dies, it remains a single grain, but if it dies it yields a rich harvest.

• What are the things I need to die to in order to come closer to Christ?  

• Is the Sacrament of Reconciliation to be part of my Lenten Preparation this Lent?  

Like the Greeks in todays Gospel, do I need to find out more about Jesus?

Father Ron




The Catholic Parish of Otari, St Anne’s and St Luke’s Anglican Churches and Wadestown Presbyterian Church organise a WDP service annually. The 2018 service was hosted by Otari Parish at St Thomas More Church in Wilton. The Service from Suriname used 7 women to share their beautiful country’s Amazon rainforest, flora and fauna, ethnic and religious diversity, and also the concerns about mining for bauxite and gold and deforestation. They  emphasised that what God created is good, so in response we are called to care for it and not destroy it through greed and consumerism. Seven women symbolize all who cherish God’s creation as gift to be passed on. Seven also symbolises he seven days of God’s creation.

Otari Parish Flax Cross Making,  Stations of the Cross and Social Night Friday 23rd March  St Thomas More Lounge 6.15pm  This Social evening is an opportunity for Parishioners from St Teresa's and  St Thomas More and the school communities to spend time together. Just bring along your own dinner/takeaways at approx. 6.15pm.  After dinner the Tongan Community will lead us in Stations of the Cross in the Church. Then everyone will be shown how to make flax crosses from Harakeke (NZ flax). The flax  crosses will be used by both church communities on Palm Sunday. The crosses will help us express the Easter story and are beautiful to keep even when they dry out. Dessert, tea and coffee will be provided. Mark this date in your diary and come along for some prayer and fellowship.

Engaged Encounter :  

This is a weekend experience for couples intending to be married. Weekends Scheduled for 2018 are; 17-18 March, 14-15 July, 3-4 November.Registrations close two weeks before.    Venue: Presbytery, 301 Karori Road,Karori, Wellington. For more details go to the  Website at: or phone Kate and Simon Olsen on 8016192, or email them on

50 year  Anniversary of the Opening of St Teresa's Church on February 17.

Short Video here

Construction of the Church in 1967

Wall and roof frames

A thousand people attended the opening on Feb 17 1968

Submissions on End of Life Choice Bill:

This weekend after the 10.00am Mass at ST Teresas there will be people to assist parishioners if they would like to write a submission.   You can read a catholic factsheet about this bill at the Bishops Ethics Centre, The Nathaniel Centre, Please click here  And you can read the Bishops statement about this issue by clicking here  You can access the video used in the parish on the weekend (27/28 Jan) here


Otari, Sacred Heart and St Mary of the Angels parishes.  Please register your child using either the online form on our website page or the pdf form opposite.  There is a word doc form on the website page.

SYNOD OUTCOMES BOOKLET (Available as a PDF - Please click here) "I now ask parishes to start planning how they will implement the Synod outcomes in their particular situation."  Cardinal John Dew."  Otari Parish will definitely be integrating the Synod outcomes into parish planning so please include the Synod outcomes booklet in your reading. 






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