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WELCOME to the website for the Catholic Parish of Otari which covers the areas of Karori, Wilton and Northland.  The parish has two churches, St Teresas in Karori and St Thomas More in Wilton.            

MASS TIMES       St Teresa’s Church  -  299 Karori Rd, Wellington 6012     WEEKEND - Saturday Vigil : 5.30pm  Sunday : 10.00am    DURING WEEK - Monday : None.  Wednesday & Friday 6:30am. Tuesday : 9.30am,  Wednesday: 6.30am,9.30am  Thursday : 9.30am  Friday : 6.30am, 9.30am Saturday : 9.00am     St Thomas More Church - 30 Worcester Street, Wilton  Sunday: 8:30 am.   

Other Mass Centre timetables in our area.   St Mary of the Angels.  Cathedral of the Sacred Heart (Hill Street)  

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NEW: There are several important documents this week for our parish from the Synod and about Stewardship:  The Synod recommendations will be published in book format on Nov 5.   See Cardinal John's letter re Synod outcomes here.  Section re 'Spirituality Of Service" posted below.

The Synod recommendations will help form our concept of parish stewardship.   The PPC  has been reflecting about the 'four pillars of stewardship' and two of their reflections are available here.

Parishioners will find it helpful to understand our parish direction and mission to read the Synod outcomes when published.  There will be another ONE DAY STEWARDSHIP MEETING ON DEC 2 AT ST THOMAS MORE 9-30am to 3.45pm, bring your lunch.  See here for poster link.

For all of us stewardship is about our environment whether parish or the earth and Pope Francis has some practical tips for us about the environment here .  How important these reflections are can be seen in the context of a Stuff/Fairfax interactive about the effect of sea level rises on the islands of Kiribati.  Or refer to our stewardship page.


 The next parish council meeting is on October 18.  The parish financial statements are being prepared now for publication for all parishioners.  

 Liturgy of the Word:

Today’s Reading: 

29TH Sunday in ordinary time. 22 OCT    


Pope Francis calls our attention to celebrate Mission Sunday as a day we gather around the person of Jesus, the ‘very first and greatest evangeliser’ as Pope Paul VI called him. It is a day to reflect and give thanks for the very mission Jesus called us to participate in – to share the transformative power of the Gospel. It is filled with contagious joy for it offers new life.  

This year, Missionz focuses on missionaries who work to make a differ-ence in the life of the poor through the health services done in many par-ishes in Africa and Asia. An example is the story of Sr Mary Gorreti of the Daughters of Mary, a local Ugandan congregation of religious Sisters. (Go online to YouTube for a story about her – type MISSIO NZ in the search engine). She is the religious sister holding a baby in our Mission Sunday 2017 poster. Sr Mary Gorreti dedicates her life and expertise to make a difference in the life of mothers and their babies in Bujuni, Uganda. Her faithful work as a missionary, and her hopes and dreams spur her on to reach out and give life. ‘I have come that they may have life, and have it to the full’ (Jn3: 16).  

Missionz did well last year with generous contributions received. Many $10 and $20 donations when joined with a gift of $100,000 amounted to more than $662,000. A big part of our Mission Collection for the fiscal year 2016‒2017 went to countries like Central Africa, which was heavily affected by the unjust civil wars. One thing that caught my attention is the work of missionaries in that country who help rehabilitate 10-year-old children who were recruited and made to work as ‘soldiers’ who killed; and of missionaries who help to rehabilitate children whose traumatic experiences range from rape to seeing their parents executed before their very eyes.  

Your gift from the heart, no matter what amount, makes a difference. It allows these children regain the Joy of the Gospel. You help God to create miracles in people’s lives! Believe me – your prayers, life-witness, and your gifts – all make part of your being a missionary-disciple of Jesus. An authentic reason to give thanks this Mission Sunday.  

‘May Mary intercede for us that we can acquire the holy audacity needed to discover new ways to bring the gift of salvation to every man and woman’. May you who read these lines be ever blessed in whatever you do, for this is part of your mission. Be grateful to God for your life. Celebrate the joy of your being a mission-ary this Mission Sunday. Peace be with you!

Fr Bernard Espiritu

National Director, Pontifical Mission Societies NZ.



SYNOD Recommendation Develop a Spirituality of Service 

Here is one section of Synod recommendations for a spirituality of service as we are all called to go into the vineyard.  The full synod recommendations will be published soon.   

1. Parishes are supported to develop new and inclusive forms of liturgy/worship (other than the Mass) which reflect the diversity of parish communities and encourage people to re-engage with their faith.

Language in liturgies, including hymns, is inclusive.

2. The Archdiocese makes it a priority to support the development of liturgy/worship in parishes and schools through the provision of qualified personnel, resources and the training of lay leaders

3. The Archdiocese creates and implements a pastoral plan to ensure a coordinated and consistent ap-proach to the spiritual growth of the people, that takes account of cultural diversity.

4. Priority is given to reclaiming and using the Sacrament of Reconciliation as a path to forgiveness and healing at a personal and societal level.

5. Different forms of personal prayer are promoted as pathways to encounter with Jesus

6. The Archbishop with the Council of Priests supports the ministry of preaching in a planned and re-sourced way.

7. Ministry teams in parishes incorporate the use of testimonies in worship, drawing on the experience of parishes that have already taken this step

8. Parishes review their music ministry with regard to vibrancy, inclusivity and relevance for the particular parish community, and take appropriate action

9. Parishes undertake an annual gifts discernment process in order to ensure succession in the essential parish ministries.

10. The Archdiocese identifies a variety of models for lay-led scripture study/reflection groups for use in parishes, and assists with the formation of leaders.

11. The Archdiocese develops a formation programme for a “spirituality of service”, centred in the Eucharist, which can be implemented in small groups and tailored to meet local needs.


Thanks to our Filipino Parish community who provided the morning tea for our parish birthday on the Feastday of St Therese of the Little Flower, Sunday October 1. 

4 Pillars of a Stewardship Parish – Hospitality, Prayer, Service, Formation of Gifts.

The Parish Council has been studying one of these at each meeting. At the September Meeting, Father Ron asked the council members to think about what prayer means to them and what it looks like, or could look like, in our parish. Here is a summary of those ideas;

Traditional, Meditation ,Saying the Rosary in May & October, Pray the Rosary 10 minutes before mass in October, Novena, Scripture groups, Charismatic mass, Children’s mass, Prayer requests, Taize songs service (John 14-16), Prayers of the faithful said from the body of the church, Music, Bible study groups, Annual retreats on specific topics,  Homily to be relevant to today’s world, Prayers of the week, Prayer themes, Family Groups.


Eucharistic Ministers:

The Parish Liturgy Committee is look-ing for More Eucharistic Ministers, either to be Ministers at Mass, and / to take communion to those in Rest Homes (Thursday) or those in their own home (Sundays). Training and support will be given as fol-lows:

Reflection and Training Day:

A day of reflection and training will be held for Eucharistic Ministers (Altar, Rest Homes, own homes), on Sunday 29th October at 2pm at St Teresa’s Church, Karori.

This is for those who are already ministers and those who would like to know more, with a view to becoming a Eucharistic Minister.






 Syro-Malabar Masses at St Thomas More on Sundays 

Welcome Syro-Malabar Rite 

In 2006, a group of about 27 families from Kerala, India, formed the St Mary’s Wellington Kerala   Catholic Community under the spiritual leadership of Fr Joseph Akkara, the then parish priest of St  Joseph’s Catholic Church, Hamilton. One of the main goals of forming SKCCW was a  desire to preserve and hand on the faith and ancestral traditions of the St Thomas Catholic Christians to the next generation, the most important of these being the celebration of the Divine Liturgy or Qurbana in the Syro-Malabar rite, which is one of the Eastern Catholic rites.

The NZ government’s recruitment drive in health care over the past years has seen a steady influx of Kerala Catholics from India and other parts of the world. Today the St Mary’s Wellington Catholic Community is a vibrant community of about 250 families in the Wellington Archdiocese. Many members of the community are professionals working in Healthcare and Information Technology. There are 22 Eastern Rite Catholic Churches are in full communion with Rome; attendance at any of these, and reception of the Holy Eucharist fulfils the Sunday obligation. For many years, Masses for the Syro-Malabar Rite have been held St Andrew’s Church, Newlands. As that Church has now being closed due to problems with their roof, the Syro-Malabar Rite community have asked, through Cardinal John, if they could use St Thomas More Church Wilton on the 1st and 3rd Sundays of the month at 5pm.

Recent scenes from the Kerala Church community retreat at St Teresas Church, Otari Parish, September 27-28. Up to 800 members of the community attended.

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