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WELCOME to the website for the Catholic Parish of Otari which covers the areas of Karori, Wilton and Northland.  The parish has two churches, St Teresas in Karori and St Thomas More in Wilton.  

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And..latest photos in the Gallery are from the St Teresas School camp and a visit from musician Andrew Chin to St Teresas school.  

 Lenten activities 

Extra 6.30am Mass in Lent on Wednesdays and Fridays at St Teresas

Lenten Reflection programme run by Susan Chrisp on Wednesdays after 9.30am Mass at St Teresas.

Stations of the Cross at 7pm on Wednesdays at St Teresas during Lent.


Parish Council Elections:

Our Parish of Otari has been blessed since its inception with a very committed parish

Council, who has voluntarily given their time and attention to the pastoral needs of the parish. It is now time to consider electing a new Parish Council. I would suggest the following.

  • Parish Council members are elected by their fellow parishioners every 4 years.
  • To preserve continuality elections are held for five members every 2 years. (This would mean that 5 members from the present Parish Council would stay on for 2 more years).
  • Nominations will soon be called to fill 5 vacancies on the Parish Pastoral Council. Please consider carefully who you will nominate to be on the Parish Pastoral Council. You may want to ask that person if they would like to be nominated.
  •  Saturday 1st April 4pm to 5pm. Time of prayer in the Blessed Sacrament Chapel (St Teresa’s),for wisdom in nomination process. • Nomination Sunday 1/2 April at all Masses.
  • Nomination Sunday extends to 12 noon the following Friday for those who are away.) You nominate the name of a person who you consider would make a good Parish Pastoral Councillor.
  • All those nominated are contacted. They are asked if they would like to accept nomination.
  • Those who accept nomination are asked to supply a photo of themselves on the top half of an A 4 piece of paper, with a brief résumé of themselves and why they would be happy to accept nomination. (A photo can be taken and a layout done by the parish if necessarily).
  • Photos and résumés will be displayed in both churches and on the parish website for approx. 3 – 4 weeks.
  • A time of Prayer before Voting Sunday.
  • Voting Sunday will be in May. You can vote for up to 5 names on the voting form. (For those away, votes can be left at the Parish Office until 12 noon the following Friday).

Sacramental Programme 2017

Registration forms can be picked up at the Catholic  Primary schools within the Wellington Central Parish area,  church foyers, as well as the Parish Office. To be eligible  your child should be 8+ years of age before 1 November  2017 (see below) and already be baptised.

Enrolments are due now. Contact Pat Gee 476 8853




(Passionist) Family Groups are made up of different families who  come together on a monthly/ bimonthly basis to take part in a  social activity like going on a picnic,  a trip somewhere, to play cards or games.  The activities are low cost and decided by the members  of the group. The Passionist Family Group Movement  motto is “A family for all.” This is a good way for new members of the Parish to get to know other parish families and provides them with community support. In our parish (as in others) we withdrew from the Passionist Family Group Movement, as the costs of bringing over a Passionist priest from Australia to run seminars, plus the travel costs of local co-ordinators, was quite high. Family Groups have, however, continued although the number of groups is relatively small. I really do believe in the concept of Family Groups and promoting their activities. To me, it is the glue that holds the parish together. In order to revive Otari Parish Family Groups, I wonder if it would be better to again come under the banner of Passionist Family Groups to make use of their resources and support. I would like your feedback. Fr Ron


 Important....a stewardship update, this topic has its own webpage here.  Click the word button STEWARDSHIP above to read the latest about our parish stewardship.  There are notes from the October 29 meeting for you to think about!  Cardinal John wants parishes to re-imagine themselves.  "Stewardship encourages parishioners to come together through the strength of Church community and to live the Gospel in a meaningful way in daily lives. "




 St Teresa’s Church  -  299 Karori Rd, Wellington 6012 

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Saturday Vigil : 5.30pm 

Sunday : 10.00am

Monday : None  Tuesday : 9.30am (Eucharistic Service)  Wednesday: 9.30am  Thursday : 9.30am  Friday : 9.30am  

Saturday : 9.00am   5pm Divine Mercy Devotion  Adoration : Thursdays 9.00am to 9.30am  

Reconciliation : 9.30am Saturday and other times by appointment     

St Thomas More Church - 30 Worcester Street, Wilton  

Sunday: 8:30 am

Reconciliation: By appointment.  Baptism - by appointment


Other Mass Centre timetables in our area. (click on name)

 St Mary of the Angels.  Closed for seismic work and link takes you to explanation page with information about their new mass times and locations.

Cathedral of the Sacred Heart (Hill Street)

Newlands, Johnsonville, and Khandallah churches now combined to form new parish of ST FRANCIS OF ASSISI, OHARIU. Their new website link below.



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