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WELCOME to the website for the Catholic Parish of Otari which covers the areas of Karori, Wilton and Northland.  The parish has two churches, St Teresas in Karori and St Thomas More in Wilton (see contact page)

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Parable of the Sower & Parable of the Mustard Seed

11th Sunday in Ordinary Time  June 16-17

In Marks Gospel, Jesus does not reveal his identity immediately and instead uses the mysterious title Son of Man to describe himself. After performing miracles of healing, he warns those cured to tell no one (see Mark 1:44, 3:12, 5:43, 7:36, and 8:26). Also, when preaching, Jesus chooses to speak to the crowds in parables, leaving them to discern his message. Only to his disciples does he explain the parables meaning, and he does this in private at a later time. In todays Gospel he talks of the Kingdom of God in 2 beautiful parables.

The Parable of the Sower:  

A man scatters seed, which over time sprouts and develops. Then when the grain is ripe, the man harvests his crop. The emphasis in the parable is on the seed, which seemingly has the power to grow on its own. In this it is like the Kingdom of God. While on earth, Jesus planted the seeds of the kingdom by his life, miracles, teaching, and suffering. However, the kingdom is not yet fully established. Although already present in Jesus and his group of twelve, it has yet to come to fruition; just as the seed in the parable needs time to grow, so does Gods kingdom. The Kingdom grows through us, modern day disciples of Jesus. We dont know the many ways we influence others. A kindly word, a listening ear, may seem nothing to us at the time, but can grow in those we are with. Likewise,others good example can grow seeds in us.

The Parable of the Mustard Seed: The second parable focuses on the tiny mustard seed. Though not the smallest of all seeds, it is most likely the smallest that a first-century farmer in Jesuspart of the world would have sown. Small as the mustard seed is, it develops into a tree. Though the mustard tree generally averages only nine to twelve feet in height, it has a wide expanse and provides a nesting place for birds. Just as the tree welcomes the birds, so is Gods kingdom welcoming and open to many.

Both parables tell us that Gods plan will succeed. The Kingdom is being built, even if it doesnt seem so at times. Our task is, with Gods grace, to be kingdom buildersthrough the lives we lead. In the Lords Prayer we pray, "thy kingdom come." We know that it will come in its fullness at the end of time. All we need is faith.

Fifty years ago, a New York priest and a couple decided to have weekends for married couples. They began by sifting through the New York telephone book looking for any Irish (and hopefully Catholic) couples to do the first weekend! Fifty years later, Marriage Encounter is present in over 90 countries, and 2.5 million cou-ples and thousands of priests have done the weekend. I am leaving today for the 50th Anniversary celebra-tions in Chicago with over 500 couples and hundreds of priests. The dream of a couple and a priest have profoundly changed the sacraments of marriage and priesthood for so many. 


Fr Ron 


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Life in Otari Parish:

Sacramental Programme:  

The first session for the Confirmation Sacrament will be next Wed 6th June. Parent's of the children taking part in the Confirmation Sacrament are invited to attend St Thomas More Church in Wilton at 7.00pm in order to collect the resource booklets and learn more about how their children will be prepared for the next stage in their faith journey.  Important dates regarding the Confirmation Sacrament are as follows: 

Children Session 1 : Sunday 17th June at 9.15am St Teresa's Church Hall

Children Session 2 : Sunday 24th June at 9.15am St Teresa's Church Hall

Children Session 3 : Sunday 1st July at 9.15am St Teresa's Church Hall

The expectation is that the children attend the 10.00am Mass after the Children's Session.  

Confirmation Rehearsal: Saturday 7th July at 3.00pm in St Teresa's Church, Karori

Confirmation Mass: Sunday 8th July at 10.00am in St Teresa's Church Karori

Please note the venue change!  

Catholic Womens League:

All parishioners and CWL members are invited to the first of our Winter Series, on Wednesday 20 June, from 1011am, St Teresas foyer, beginning with cuppa after 9.30am Mass. Our theme is 'Waiting for God' with reference to Sarah in Genesis 16; 18:1-15. Susan Chrisp, Spiritual Director, will lead our time together.


Photos from Thursday's OMG (Otari meets the Gospel) youth group. It is held on every Thursday evening 6 to 7.30 pm at St Thomas More.  Children 10 to 12 years old join together for games, dinner and some gospel lessons. Children (and their parents) are welcome to come along.

Father Sanele conducted a children's Mass on Sunday 24 June at St Teresas.  Estelle Henry and Pat Gee produced a play with the OMG kids while the children on the Sacramental programme joined Father at the front of the church.

Stewardship: In late 2016, after a Stewardship Day led by Cardinal John and Lorraine McArthur, our  Parish adopted the Stewardship modal as a way of living the gospel. There have been articles in the newsletter on Stewardship, mention in homilies, and a reflection each week on looking at the readings with a Stewardship focus. Throughout last year, Lorraine McArthur and Fr Ron meet with a group of parish leaders to study the US Bishops on Stewardship, so as to more fully understand it themselves.  Stewardship is described in many ways. One is to realize that all is gift – and we are called use the gifts God gives us of God wisely – through sharing our time, our talents and our treasures with others. This has been mentioned a lot last year.  Another way is to look at the four ‘pillars’ of Stewardship. They are Hospitality (leading to belonging), Prayer, Formation (discovering one’s gifts) and Service. This may seem simple concepts, but it takes a while to fully understand the riches of each of these pillars. As a parish, we will work on each of these pillars during the rest of the year, beginning with Hospitality. Watch this space!


 Engaged Encounter :  

This is a weekend experience for couples intending to be married. Weekends Scheduled for 2018 are; 14-15 July, 3-4 November.Registrations close two weeks before.    Venue: Presbytery, 301 Karori Road,Karori, Wellington. For more details go to the  Website at: or phone Kate and Simon Olsen on 8016192, or email them on

SYNOD OUTCOMES BOOKLET (Available as a PDF - Please click here) "I now ask parishes to start planning how they will implement the Synod outcomes in their particular situation."  Cardinal John Dew."  Otari Parish will definitely be integrating the Synod outcomes into parish planning so please include the Synod outcomes booklet in your reading.



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