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WELCOME to the website for the Catholic Parish of Otari which covers the areas of Karori, Wilton and Northland.  The parish has two churches, St Teresas in Karori and St Thomas More in Wilton 


A message from our bishops regarding the violence against the Christchurch Muslim community. (art; Ruby Jones)

Dear Members of the Muslim community in Aotearoa New Zealand,

We hold you in prayer as we hear the terrible news of violence against Muslims at mosques in Christchurch. We are profoundly aware of the positive relationships we have with Islamic people in this land, and we are particularly horrified that this has happened at a place and time of prayer. We are deeply saddened that people have been killed and injured, and our hearts go out to them, their families and wider community. We wish you to be aware of our solidarity with you in the face of such violence.

Peace, Salaam,

✠ Patrick Dunn, Bishop of Auckland and NZCBC President

✠ Charles Drennan, Bishop of Palmerston North and NZCBC Secretary

✠ John Dew, Cardinal Archbishop of Wellington

✠ Paul Martin, Bishop of Christchurch

✠ Steve Lowe, Bishop of Hamilton

✠ Michael Dooley, Bishop of Dunedin

St Teresa’s Church, 301 Karori Rd, Karori.   Mass Times: Saturday 5.30pm, Sunday 10.00am.  Weekdays: Tuesday - Friday 9.30am;  Saturday 9am. Exposition: 1st Friday of the month. St Thomas More Church, 30a Worcester St, Wilton. Mass Times: Sunday 8.30am

Exposition and Adoration: Is held on the first  Friday of the month in St Teresa’s chapel after 9.30am Mass and will begin again in February. Divine Mercy Devotion: Divine Mercy Devotion is every Saturday night at 5pm.  Reconciliation and Baptism: by appointment.  

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Meditation – Being in God’s Presence
 Today’s Gospel passage would have been a ‘moment to be treasured’ for Peter, James and John. To have seen Jesus in such a transfigured state, they must really have felt a presence of God that they had not  experienced before.  No wonder Peter wanted to prolong the moment – “let us build 3 tents…” He didn’t want the moment to end.
 Prayer is that meeting place with God.  There are many kinds of prayer in our Catholic tradition.  Today I would like to introduce one of the earliest forms of prayer – Meditation.  Whereas most forms of  prayer involve words and song, either written, memorized, or spontaneous, meditative prayer concentrates of just ‘being in God’s presence.’   
 Meditative Prayer began in the earliest centuries of the Church, when men and women went into the Desert to find God. One who went to meet them was Cassian. He asked them the question ‘What is prayer and how do your pray?’ The answer he received was both simply and profound. Go to a quiet place and spend time with God.  Take a word or a phrase, and gently say it over and over.  When distractions come, return to your word. 
 Cassian wrote about what he had learnt. St Bernard, who began the monastic tradition, was aware of  Cassian’s writing, and incorporated them in his directions for his monks. Through the centuries, the practice of meditation continued, but it was mainly through monasteries and convents.  
 But meditation is for everyone, and in recent times, more and more are discovering the practice of meditation. This has happened through the writings of 2 Benedictine monks, John Main and Laurence Freeman, and a Trappist monk, Thomas Keating.   
 I became aware of contemplative meditation about 10 years ago, and, although I describe myself as the world’s worst meditator, I carry on as I believe it is very important for my spirituality and prayer life.
 Although one can meditate by oneself, as I have done, it is also good to meet with a group. This afternoon, from 2pm to 3pm there will be a meeting at St Teresa’s Church (Blessed Sacrament Chapel), to talk about Meditation and the possibility of starting a group or groups in the parish.  
 Hope to see you there.
 Fr Ron 

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Learn how to meditate, See Fr Ron about starting a parish group

Caritas Lenten Study Groups starting Mondays at 9:30 AM led by Jayne Sutherland

Another Story Must Begin Lenten Study series Monday Evenings 7PM St Thomas More Lounge Mar 25-April 15

Sacramental Programme 2019 St Teresas Hall before Sunday Mass in the Hall @ 9:15 AM

Lenten Masses Tues-Friday 9:30 AM and 7 PM St Teresas Church.

Reconciliation Each Wednesday 7-8PM STM and after 7:pm mass st Teresas.

Stations of the Cross each Monday @ 7:00PM @ St Teresas (CWL led)

Next parish morning tea after Friday chapel Mass is on Mar 29

Greenstone Doors, an ecumenical charity for women and children is looking for volunteers

 Music Lovers: A concert will take place on March 22nd at St Mary's in Karori. The repertoire will centre around the flute, including Max Reger's Serenade for Violin, Viola and Flute and solo and duo pieces for flute by JW Bach and Elert.

Everyone is invited to join and support Pacific People say NO to the End of Life Choice Bill Mar 19 11AM Parliament Grounds.

Joshua Mens Fellowship Mar 21, 7:30PM, Connolly Hall, Guiildford Terrace. Thorndon.

Home of Compassion Nuns have a number of meditation and contemplation events for people to attend at their island Bay compound. Check here on their website, also printed on the back of our newsletter.



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