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This is the website of the Catholic parish of Otari, Wellington New Zealand and is part of the Wellington Archdiocese. 

The parish has two churches,  St Teresas 301 Karori Rd, Karori and St Thomas More 30 Worcester St, Wilton

Mass times: Saturday Vigil: 5.30pm Karori,  Sunday: 8.30am Wilton and 10.00am Karori.

 Weekdays: Tue-Fri 9.30am, Saturday 9.00am Reconciliation: Saturday 9.30—10.00am

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12th Sunday in Ordinary Time
‘God’s in control’ might be the theme of the scripture readings for today.
The Book of Job is a brilliant piece of writing, examining the age-old question of why the innocent suffer. It may have its beginnings in the Babylonian exile, where the Israelites had seemingly lost everything. Job questions all this, but God tells Job he is not in a position to question, mere human that he is. God controls the sea and all of nature.
Psalm 106 continues the sea theme, with seafarers marvelling at the wonder and unpredictability of it.
These 2 readings lead us to the Gospel. Again, the sea is uncontrollable, except for its Author. The contrast between the disciples in the boat and Jesus is emphasised. These are men, many of whom make their living in boats on the sea, and they recognise the danger they are in, and in the midst of the roar of the storm and the panic of the disciples, Jesus is asleep ‘his head on the cushion’.
When he is awakened and with a few words, the storm is rebuked, and all is again calm, Jesus turns his attention to the disciples, and, as so often in Mark, rebukes them for their lack of faith. But even this extraordinary display of authority fails to register with the disciples who cannot see what is before their very eyes: ‘Who can this be? Even the wind and the sea obey him?’
What can we take from this story for our own lives? For myself, I realize I am forever changing – nervous, happy, concerned, contented, apprehensive, relaxed. I can go through many emotions in a few hours or even minutes! But God is always the same. If God is in my boat, why worry, why not put my head on a pillow and go back to sleep also! I certainly can’t change anything, but Jesus can, and he is here in the boat with me. Why worry. What’s the problem?
Fr Ron


Thank you to all those who made the First Holy Communion at Otari such a special occasion. A special thank you to Lei and her team for their wonderful preparation of the candidates and to Amy-Rose for the Communion Breakfast. 

Parish Council: Five Parish Councillor’s are elected every 2 years for a period of 4 years by parishioners. Those who are retiring after 4 years are Pat Gee, Mary Callister& David Ross. (Lagi Tuimavave & Kevin Carr retired early.) Current members with one term to complete are Liz Bergin, Des Tiller, Falakiko Tu’amoheloa, Gunther Tutuila, Lourdes Gittus, Kathryn Flynn, and Chris Orsman. Thank you for those who have served so well, and for those who are continuing for another 2 years. Nominations will soon begin for 5 new members of the Council. Please consider who you would like to nominate.


The readings from the Acts of the Apostles during the Easter season show the early church in action – spreading the Good News of Jesus to a hungry world.

 We are in that same position wanting to spread the Good News that Jesus bring to a hungry and disillusioned world.

As a Stewardship Parish,  our mission has 4 pillars.

If you are interested in any of these ways please let myself or the Office know (just pressed ‘reply’ to this email.  We would like to form 4 groups that could look at each of these 4 areas of our parish life.

To read about the four groups click here to go to our stewardship page.

Ōtari Parish Workshops during June Ōtari Parish are committed to continue the Bicultural Journey mandated in the 2017 Synod. In 2019 we began to introduce some Te Reo Māori into our liturgies and are now ready for some more formation. We are fortunate to have Deacon Danny Karatea-Goddard (Tūranga Māori - Vicar for Māori) spending time with us during some Sundays in June to support us. For your diaries, these workshops are scheduled on the following dates: 

Sunday 6th June after 8.30am Mass at St Thomas More The sit-down breakfast, with Danny’s kōrero towards the end for 15 -20 minutes. Topic: Meaning of Mana Whenua concept, Mana whenua for Ōtari Parish area / Kōrero about local Māori place names. 

Sunday 20 June - Part A after 10am Mass at St Teresa’s (11.15am – noon approx.) Pronunciation of Māori vowels, practice Gospel responses, Lord have Mercy, Mihi Whakatau and shared greetings in other cultures too. 

Sunday 27th June : Part A/B after 8.30am Mass in St Thomas More lounge (9.45am - 10.15am approx.) Pronunciation of Māori vowels, practice Gospel responses, Lord have Mercy, Mihi whakatau and shared greetings in other cultures. Introducing three well-known Māori hymns 

Sunday 27th June : Part B after 10.00am Mass at St Teresa’s in the Church (11.15am - noon approx..) Revision of Māori vowels, and Gospel responses, Lord have mercy. Introducing three well-known Māori hymns

There will be a free legal seminar covering
topics such as Wills, Power of Attorneys
Family-related matters on Sunday, 27th June
from 1:30 to 3:30pm at the Sacred Heart
Cathedral Foyer. Atty. Paulo Garcia
(Paulo Garcia Barristers and Solicitors)
Entry is free but everyone is encouraged to give
generously (“koha”). Money raised will go
towards the restoration of our Metropolitan
Cathedral. Please contact Fil Ranga
(0220354626 to register
your interest as there is only limited space
available. The venue can only accommodate
40-50 people (seated) and numbers are quickly
coming in.

Ngā mihi o te Tau Hou – Happy New Year- Matariki – A New Year – New growth
19 o Pipiri ki 11 o Hōngongoi 2021- Celebrated between 19 June to 11 July 2021

Matariki is a time to spend with whānau, sharing aroha, kai and stories about our history and ancestors. Traditionally, it’s a time for whānau to remember the Past Year, to celebrate the Now, and to plan for the Future. Matariki is named after the bright stars of the Pleiades star cluster which rise in the winter night sky each year.
At this special Matariki time in Aotearoa, we reflect on our church and ways to strengthen its Bicultural Relationship. We acknowledge how past Synods in our Archdiocese have called us to deepen our understanding of the taonga of Te Tiriti o Waitangi (the Treaty of Waitangi) and Māori spirituality: of respect for the divine, the people and for the land.
Danny’s kōrero recording from 6th June about people and land connections is now available to listen to on the Parish Website:
During the latter part of June, Ōtari Parish will focus on the use of some more Māori in our liturgies. This gradual learning process will come with formation and include assistance with Māori pronuncia-tion and translation. On the last Sunday in June, we will also be introduced to three new waiata that our music groups will be adding to their repertoire.


The bishops have publicly supported the role out of the covid vaccination programme to the general public and are urging everyone to get vaccinated.  To this end the Bishops have issued multi-language statements regarding the programme (below) and made a church video to support their call. 

The youtube link for the video is



Deacon Danny Karatea-Goddard's  korero/talk about the  mana whenua/maori ancestral lands  and local māori place names  of Ōtari Parish area  


The youtube link for this video is

Wellington Abrahamic Council
Climate Emergency Workshop Jews, Christians & Muslims
United for Sustainability
Sunday 20 June 2021 1.30pm–5.30pm
Victoria University, Rutherford House (next to the railway
station) Mezzanine Floor, Room RHMZ03
Speakers include Geoff Troughton, Waseema Ahmed, Sarah Livschitz, Paul Blaschke, Amy Ross, Jonathan Boston, Estelle Henrys and Minister James Shaw. But the most important
participant is YOU, because after a few short but informative speeches establishing a) our religions’ historical approaches to the environment and b) contemporary interpretations of these approaches, we will all be breaking up into groups to
discuss the themes. The aim is to leave the workshop having committed to practical actionswe can take personally and collectively to make a real difference in our community.
TICKETS ARE ESSENTIAL Admission is free but seats are limited. Afternoon tea will be served. Register today to be part of the change. Go to the Wellington Abrahamic Council website:

Young Adults
A Life in the Spirit Seminar will be held at the Connolly Hall Chapel and Cathedral foyer on 6 successive Wednesday evenings from
7 July – 11 August beginning at 7.30 pm. This will be a wonderful opportunity to have a personal encounter with Jesus through the Holy Spirit. This seminar is specifically for young adults.

Catholic Women’s League
Please support the local CWL who are selling Raffle tickets to raise money for the 2021 CWL Mission At Home Appeal, which is NZ Down Syndrome Association. Children’ Basket and two Adult Baskets. Tickets $2 each or 3 for $5
CWL Winter Series Scripture Study hosted by Susan Chrisp
Wednesday the 16th of June directly after Mass at 10.15am.
Come and encounter the Father’s love at the second XLT (eXaLT)
worship night of the year, as we explore the theme ‘Welcome
Home’ (Luke 15:20).
Join us for fellowship, prayer, food, live praise & worship,
Reconciliation, and Eucharistic Adoration, all centered around a theme and aimed at Year 9-13 students (but open to young and old alike!). 7 pm - 9:30 pm on Friday 25th June at St Joseph’s MtVictoria.
(Search XLT June on Facebook for more details!).



Take Action to Care for Our Common Home Together 

"Human ecology and environmental ecology walk together." Laudato Si' 

We can undertake to live more sustainably. A Carbon Footprint Calculator is a powerful tool you can use to understand your household’s impact on global warming. It tracks the amount of CO2 (carbon dioxide) your activities create. The TOITŪ Calculator is easy to use. It calculates – Home Energy, Travel, and Waste  To learn more about this EJD initiative, please download the parish newsletter.

Did you know that you can drop off your old batteries, bulbs, paints, pesticides and their containers, old cylinders and smoke alarms etc FREE at the Wellington Southern Landfill (Rubbish Tip).  The limit is 20 KG.   Check it out. 

The Altar servers and young people of our parish community walked down to Karori cemetery and tended the graves of the Archdiocese of Wellington Clergy.  Great work thanks to Pat and Estelle. 


Donation receipts for tax rebates year ended 31 March 2021 Donation receipts not claimed: We have received donations from people we have no email or physical address for and are therefore holding these receipts in the office. If this could be you as you have yet to receive a YE2021 receipt, please contact the parish office at or phone 476 6131. Planned Giving Envelopes 2 May 2021 Sets of giving envelopes will be available for weekly envelope givers in the church foyers next weekend. If you donate via Automatic Payment or credit card, you will not receive “special “ envelopes this year partly as a cost saving exercise but also because we are encouraging more on line transaction collections rather than cash. The following collections will be published in advance of their collection date to enable parishioners to give. 29 June Peters Pence – for support of Pope and his works of charity 22 August Maori Pastoral Care 24 October – Mission Sunday 25 December Christmas Dues –for support of archdiocesan priests 15 April 2022 – Holy Places –supports charities in the Holy Land. 17 April –Easter dues –for support of Archdiocesan priests If you would prefer a set of special envelopes, contact the parish office and we will arrange.

Lectio Divina

To personally study the word of God for each Sunday in advance go to the Readings site page for  at Universalis (which displays readings for the week so choose Sunday) Reading the Gospel and commentary in advance each week will help in preparation for Sunday mass.  


For an explanation of those Sunday and Daily Mass Readings in advance use this very good Carmel site  CLICK HERE FOR THEIR COMMENTARIES  

The Carmel site provides reading commentaries for the current week via pdf (english download).