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WELCOME to the website for the Catholic Parish of Otari which covers the areas of Karori, Wilton and Northland.  The parish has two churches, St Teresas in Karori and St Thomas More in Wilton 


PARISH REVIEW - BUILDINGS AND PARISH FUTURE Over the next few months the parish review page (see above) will feature information and questions for you to consider.  This will help planning for our parish.  Thank you.  New Parish data info

St Teresa’s Church, 301 Karori Rd, Karori.   Mass Times: Saturday 5.30pm, Sunday 10.00am.  Weekdays: Tuesday - Friday 9.30am;  Saturday 9am. Exposition: 1st Friday of the month. St Thomas More Church, 30a Worcester St, Wilton. Mass Times: Sunday 8.30am



Exposition and Adoration: Is held on the first  Friday of the month in St Teresa’s chapel after 9.30am Mass and will begin again in February. Divine Mercy Devotion: Divine Mercy Devotion is every Saturday night at 5pm.  Reconciliation and Baptism: by appointment. 


Am I ready for the Lord’s coming?
Jesus' instructions on how to be ready for the coming judgment continue in the stories and sayings found in today's Gospel. We are not to be like the greedy rich man in last Sunday's Gospel who planned to store his great harvest in barns rather than share it. We are, rather, to share our wealth with those in need. 
The antidote for the anxiety brought on by the coming judgment is to  relinquish our possessions and provide for the needs of others. Our treasure will be in heaven where it will not wear out or be destroyed.
The other major way to be ready for the coming judgment is to be watchful. In Luke's Gospel, Jesus tells a parable about watchfulness to begin making this point. We must be like servants waiting for the master's return from a wedding banquet.  We must be ready for whenever the Master returns.    
Peter asks if this parable is meant for the apostles or for the large crowd that has gathered to listen to Jesus. Without answering Peter's question, Jesus responds with another parable about servants awaiting the return of their master. It begins with a question: “Who, then, is the faithful and prudent steward whom the master will put in charge of his servants to distribute the food allowance at the proper time?” 
This parable adds to the theme of watchfulness; it explains how to wait and reminds us of the  reward for the faithful follower at the heavenly banquet after the judgment. If it is addressed to the apostles, then it could also be addressed to leadership in the early Church. Either way, the parables reminds us that we should be found doing our jobs when the master arrives. If we are doing our jobs, our reward will be great. But if we relax, neglect our duties, and begin to act like the greedy rich man—eating, drinking, and making merry—we will not have a place in the kingdom.  Watchfulness means living in such a consistently moral and obedient way that we are always ready to give an account to God of how we have lived.
Some thoughts to reflect on: What has God entrusted to me to manage? How am I taking care of this responsibility? About what dangers is Jesus warning me in this passage? Which danger is most likely to be a  problem for me? Fr Ron

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Liturgy Committee Ministries Formation Days 
The Liturgy Committee wishes to recognise and thank the many people in our parish community who share their talents through ministry.  Whether you are a Proclaimer of the Word, Eucharistic  Minister, Hospitality Person ( Greeters and Morning Tea roster) or Altar server you are providing a vital service to our parish and we wish to acknowledge that and thank you for what you do. Over the next couple of months we are organising formation days for these groups. This will be an  opportunity for you to get together to meet and    network with each other and also to ask any     questions or make suggestions that you may have about your ministry.  
It will also be an opportunity for anyone who wishes to volunteer their time and talent to join a ministry to come along and see what is involved in becoming a minister in our parish. The dates for the formation days are: 
 Pope Francis has designated October as the Extraordinary Missionary month. The Parish  Leadership Team is hoping to offer a  six session programme Developing a  Spirituality of Service in every parish in  October. We need to gauge the interest level so please register now with Chris Walkerdine at 

Proclaimers of the Word Sunday 11th August  2:00-4:00 pm in the Church  

Eucharistic Ministers Sunday 18th August 2:00-4:00 pm in the Chapel    
Altar Servers  Sunday 25th August 11:00-12:00 in the Church foyer  
Hospitality   Sunday 8th September 2:00-3:00 pm in Church foyer 
Prayer of Faithful writers Sunday 15th September 2:00- 4:00 pm in the Chapel

Congratulations to children in our parish
celebrating their First Communion 
Genevieve Drennen
Terry Farrell 
Sarah Finlayson 
Eryn Guarina
Amanda Joyce
William Moncrieff
Sorcha O’Ceallaigh
William Orsman
Beau Reddish
Evelyn Renwick
Timothy Single,
Freya Sutherland  
Valentina Toma
Edith Ward-Marshall 

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Exposition and Adoration: Is held on the first  Friday of the month in St Teresa’s chapel after 9.30am Mass.

Divine Mercy Devotion: Divine Mercy Devotion is every Saturday night at 5pm at St Teresas.  
Parish Morning tea: Last Friday of the month after Mass in the Presbytery. All welcome.
Rosary at 9:45 am on the  Sundays of May  at St Teresa’s Blessed Sacrament chapel.
 Weekday Masses—9.30am Tuesday to  Friday and  Saturday 9.00am continue.
 Reconciliation: Every Wednesday at 7pm – 8pm at  St  Thomas More Church and St Teresa’s Church.
 Stations of the Cross: 7.00pm Mondays at St Teresas led by CWL. Home of Compassion Nuns have a number of meditation and contemplation events for people to attend at their island Bay compound. Check here on their website, also printed on the back of our newsletter.

Cleaning roster at St Teresas We have a roster for families or individual  parishioners in a team to clean the church, usually on a Friday or Saturday, for approximately one hour around twice a year.  If this is a ministry you are interested in as a way to contribute to the parish, please contact the parish office on 

Congratulations: This year's Sacramental  Programme children were introduced to the parish on Sunday and received encouragement from the Catholic Women’s League.

St Teresa’s hall toilets refurbishment: This weekend sees the beginning of demolition and subsequent  refurbishment of our hall toilets which should take about 6 weeks. There will be minimal use of the hall during this time and the rear hall entrance will not be accessible.  Please ensure you keep away from the construction area for your own safety over this period and we look forward to enjoying our upgraded facilities. If you have any queries regarding this project, please contact the parish office. Thankyou. 

  • Towels wanted for the Night Shelter please. There will be a box in the St Teresa's foyer until 30 June, or please phone Mary or Murray on 476 9129.

Household items & Pantry Goods  10/11 August:  Bring your donated item and place it in the labelled boxes or beside them in the church foyer. The goods will be delivered on the afternoon of 11th August.  Thank you for your support.  From the Otari Parish JPD Group 

 Exploring the true meaning of  loveableness - a talk by Fr Kevin Connors In his recently completed thesis called “A phenomenology of the Eucharist”, Fr Kevin seeks to unveil the kindness of God’s face in the Eucharist and in each other, and explores the true meaning of ‘loveableness’. Come and listen to Fr Kevin on Tuesday 20th August, at 7pm at St Anne’s Church, Newtown. All are welcome





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