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Over the past few days we have been provided with prayer resources to help parishioners cope with the current  situation.   It is a large list so take time to look through it.  Stay safe.


The National Liturgy Office is posting up-to-date links to Sunday and Weekday mass livestreams: 

Daily online Masses from Sydney, Australia:

Pope Francis’ daily Mass at Santa Marta at 7am Rome time (7pm NZ time) can be watched on the Vatican’s Youtube channel:

Univeralis provides the Liturgy of the Hours and Mass readings for each day. provides simple guided prayer for each day.

The Taize community livestreams its Evening Prayer each day at 8.30am: 

Pray as you go provides prayer for each day as well as longer multi-day “retreats”. In response to the COVID-19 situation they have a retreat called “Pray as you stay”: is the online journal of the Jesuits in Britain. It contains reflections, connections to other Jesuit sites, and articles.

Lent reflections provided by Caritas NZ:

Stations of the Cross – Resources

Caritas NZ:

Stations of the Cross Video:

Stations of the Cross Video for Kids:

Stations of the Cross Video for Children:
Part 1:
Part 2:
Part 3: Links

Article: ‘Vatican allows General Absolution allowed during pandemic’:  

Community Resources

Mental Health Line : 1737 (txt or phone) designed to meet the needs of anyone who 'wants to talk' to a counsellor.

Parent Helpline : 0800 568 856.

Catholic Social Services :  021 374 373  Karen Holland  or 027405546

Society of St Vincent de Paul:Vinnies Wellington: Call: 04 389 7122 Text: 021 215 7098 Email:

ALSO: With Masses suspended due to the COVID-19 situation this may be a time to discover the beauty and variety of the global Church with these aids to prayer: Pope Francis’ daily Mass at Santa Marta at 7am Rome time (7pm NZ time) can be watched on the Vatican’s Youtube channel

Some spiritual nourishment for the next few weeks that you can sign up to:  These links resources are provided by Sister Elizabeth Julian RSM from the Catholic Centre.

Excellent Sunday homilies

Excellent daily homilies

Lenten helps

Check here for Sunday Masses

Click on ‘Christchurch’ on the above to get daily Mass

Praying outside

1.      Glance up at the clouds. Let them be biblical reminders of God’s presence.

2.      Imagine God is walking right beside you and therefore there is nothing to fear.

3.      Use local sounds/sirens as a call to prayer like the Angelus.

4.      Be conscious of the wind and experience it as God’s spirit.

5.      Thank God for something particular about the place.

6.      Look at gardens and reflect on what is growing/dying/needs pruning/flowering in your life.

7.      Focus on or pick up a stone as a reminder of God’s steadfast love.

8.         Let the rain falling on you be a reminder of God’s gentle presence.

9.         Pray with a mantra: for example, ‘Here, in this place’, ‘Here, in your presence’.

10.    Pause at your gate/letterbox. Be grateful for your home.

11.    Remove your shoes at the door reminding yourself you are entering holy ground.

12.    Develop rituals about home, e.g.,

a.      When gardening consciously think/pray for particular family members/people who gave you cuttings etc

13.    Look up at the sky. The sun, moon, and stars that Jesus saw are the same ones we see. Matariki (Pleiades) visible in the June sky features five times in the Bible: for example, Amos 5:8.

14.    Select a place outdoors. Use your senses to attend to it. Read a Scripture passage (aloud, if possible) slowly. Imagine that creation itself is hearing the word of its Creator.

15.    Use your phone when outside to take photos to use as ‘prayer prompts’ later.

16.    Select a place that you can visit every day for a week, even if only for a few moments. Deliberately attend to it using all your senses. Keep a daily journal of reflections on your ‘place’. It may be somewhere outdoors , garden shed, kitchen.

17.    Listen to Mary Oliver’s short poem ‘Praying’, about the need to pay attention

A prayer

God of Aotearoa, hold us all together in the palm of your hand especially the most vulnerable, and:

Hear our cry in the howling southerlies and blustery northerlies 

Hear our cry in the sideways rain and burning sun

Hear our cry in the crashing waves and stinging sand 

Hear our cry in the cheeky tui and wheeling seagulls

Hear our cry in the stately pine and majestic pohutukawa

Hear our cry in the morning dew and silent mist 

Hear our cry in the gentle dawn and golden sunsets

O God of Aotearoa, hear our cry. Amen