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Photos from Thursday's OMG (Otari meets the Gospel) youth group. It is held on every Thursday evening 6 to 7.30 pm at St Thomas More.  Children 10 to 12 years old join together for games, dinner and some gospel lessons. Children (and their parents) are welcome to come along.


Father Sanele conducted a children's Mass on Sunday 24 June at St Teresas.  Estelle Henry and Pat Gee produced a play with the OMG kids while the children on the Sacramental programme joined Father at the front of the church.

May 20 Pentecost Sunday 




Good Friday   -   Way of the Cross with St Annes of Northland


St Teresas School children presented the 14 Stations of the Cross to the school and parish community on the afternoon of 29 March. 


 Christmas Childrens Mass Dec 24 6pm, 2017, St Teresas Church.



"Tapuaki'i koe 'e he 'Otua

Congratulations to Telesia, Kathleen and Soane who celebrated the Sacrament of First Holy Communion on Sunday September 10th at St Thomas More Church, Wilton.  Cardinal John and Father Sanele were present to celebrate the Mass together with the Tongan Community"


The feast days for Saint Anne and Saint Joachim are celebrated for Grandparents.  Father Sanele lead a Grandparents' Mass for the St Teresas school community and the Otari Parish on Wednesday, Aug 2 .

St Teresas school and communitity finished off term 2 with a Caritas Challenge.  The children raised funds to enable Caritas to continue to work in Kiribati, Fiji, with partners the Diocese of Tarawa and Nauru to deliver programmes focused on health, climate awareness, youth leadership and training for women.  The children had a plain lunch of rice and bread prepared by members of the school communitity and then finished the afternoon with a mini fair.


Father Sanele celebrated Children's Mass with the gospel of Matthew and the message "Don't be Afraid".





 Cassie Devlin  Funeral, Thursday June 15,  at 10.30am at St Teresa's.







Children's Mass was celebrated at St Teresas on Sunday, 28 May by Father Sanele with over 35 children present.  Father was helped by Pat Gee and Estelle Henrys as they gave the gospel of Jesus' ascension.  The children were asked to do a good deed during the week.  The Tongan Music group provided a beautiful accompaniment to the service.


Parishioners received Easter eggs after the Easter Sunday mass.


Ecumenical Way of the Cross which began around 9.30am at St Thomas More Catholic Church ending at St Anne’s Anglican Church in Northland. The walk reminded walkers of the Stations of the Cross, as Jesus was lead to Calvary, the site of His crucifixion.


Palm Sunday April 9 2017.  Palm Sunday recounts the triumphal procession of Jesus' entry into Jerusalem.  The procession is the starting event to the events of Holy Week - Good Friday and Easter Sunday.  The triumph for Catholics is really Jesus's rising from the dead on Easter Sunday to show God's power over sin and death, and the power of God's divine love for everyone.  Here Karori Catholics make flax crosses which they use instead of Palms to acknowledge the entry of Jesus into Jerusalem, and into their own lives in baptism.  After a blessing from parish priest Fr Ron, parishioners carry their flax crosses into the church held aloft.  The flax crosses are taken home by parishioners to be displayed above a holy picture or on a kitchen bench etc.  Holy Week is the greatest liturgical event in the Christian calendar.

 Childrens Liturgy Mass April 2, 2017


Twenty-four children took part in the  Liturgy.  They wrote a letter and did drawings for the Right Honourable Mr Bill English, our Prime Minister and asked him to let other world leaders know the importance of peace for all children in the world and how grateful we were for the peace that we enjoy in our beautiful country of New Zealand.  We had the opportunity to present our letters and drawings to Mr English in person at the end of Mass.  He thanked us all very much and said that he would continue to work hard to ensure all the children of New Zealand continue to enjoy the wonderful things that can be experienced when there is peace and harmony in their world. 


Our parish school photos March 2017

Year 7 and 8 have just spent a week in Brightwater's Teapot Valley as their school camp.  Teacher Josh McDonald and Principal Mary Angela Tombs accompanied 31 Children and four additional parents.  The week was excellent and the children enjoyed many outdoor purists. 

Australian singer and composer Andrew Chin visited St Teresas school on Monday.  He spent time with the classes and finished with a concert in the church.


Pics from the Retirement luncheon of Mary-Anne Peetz on Feb 19.


Father Ron took a mass to welcome students and parents to a new term at St Teresas school on Friday, 17 Feb.  The school performed a whakatau and sasa before people entered the church.


Mary-Anne's cup of tea retirement at Karori Presbytery after morning mass in February.










Childrens Mass at St Teresas Church 26 June 2016 with Fr Peter Ewart.   

Moira Chapman demonstrated how to fit everything in your life that you need to make room for God.



Childrens Mass, St Teresas, Karori, May 29, 2016





















































Catholic Schools Day at Cardinal McKeefrey School, Wilton May 17


























Mary-Angela Tombs, Principal of St Teresas School spoke during the Sunday service about choosing St Teresas School with a number of children from the school.  (children left to right  Daniel, Alex and Emma Smith, Thomas Gee, Toby Penfold and Lilly Simmonds)


There was an information board in the foyer. (Thomas Gee shows Delia Macathy some examples of pupils work)

School children helped hand out paper flower posies made by pupils after the service.