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This is the website of the Catholic parish of Otari, Wellington New Zealand and is part of the Wellington Archdiocese. 

The parish has two churches,  St Teresas 301 Karori Rd, Karori and St Thomas More 30 Worcester St, Wilton

Mass times: Saturday Vigil: 5.30pm Karori,  Sunday: 8.30am Wilton and 10.00am Karori.

 Weekdays: Tue-Fri 9.30am, Saturday 9.00am Reconciliation: Saturday 9.30—10.00am

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Third Sunday of Easter The claim of the Resurrection by the early Christian community – that God had raised up to life the one who had been executed as a criminal – would have been extraordinarily difficult to argue, especially in a society where religion was woven into every aspect of life. The genius of the first apologists for Christianity was to be able to weave an argument that was formed in Jewish tradition and which employed the language, vocabulary and concepts that could be found in the Hebrew Scriptures and the traditions that were current. That is precisely what Luke does in both the first reading today – from the book of Acts and the Gospel. When Peter addresses the crowd in the Temple in our first reading, he emphasises that ‘God carried out what he had foretold when he said through all the prophets that his Christ would suffer’. The early Christian preaching used the language and Scriptures of the time to illustrate that the Resurrection was not some sort of aberration, but fully in line with God’s actions and promises from earlier times. What appears a radical break is a development that sets God’s people on a new course – but one which requires a clear response: ‘Now you must repent and turn to God’. When Jesus appears to the disciples in the Upper Room in today’s Gospel, they too cannot grasp what has happened, and so they need to have the connection and the continuity explained. That is precisely what Jesus does: ‘This is what I meant when I said, while I was still with you, that everything written about me in the Law of Moses … has to be fulfilled’. That, of course, is why the Christian Church continues to venerate the Hebrew Scriptures and use them continually, because they enable believers to appreciate Christ as the final fulfilment of God’s great work of salvation. And that is precisely what we are celebrating these weeks of Eastertide. Father Ron


Donation receipts for tax rebates year ended 31 March 2021 Donation receipts not claimed: We have received donations from people we have no email or physical address for and are therefore holding these receipts in the office. If this could be you as you have yet to receive a YE2021 receipt, please contact the parish office at or phone 476 6131. Planned Giving Envelopes 2 May 2021 Sets of giving envelopes will be available for weekly envelope givers in the church foyers next weekend. If you donate via Automatic Payment or credit card, you will not receive “special “ envelopes this year partly as a cost saving exercise but also because we are encouraging more on line transaction collections rather than cash. The following collections will be published in advance of their collection date to enable parishioners to give. 29 June Peters Pence – for support of Pope and his works of charity 22 August Maori Pastoral Care 24 October – Mission Sunday 25 December Christmas Dues –for support of archdiocesan priests 15 April 2022 – Holy Places –supports charities in the Holy Land. 17 April –Easter dues –for support of Archdiocesan priests If you would prefer a set of special envelopes, contact the parish office and we will arrange.

Lectio Divina

To personally study the word of God for each Sunday in advance go to the Readings site page for  at Universalis (which displays readings for the week so choose Sunday) Reading the Gospel and commentary in advance each week will help in preparation for Sunday mass.  


For an explanation of those Sunday and Daily Mass Readings in advance use this very good Carmel site  CLICK HERE FOR THEIR COMMENTARIES  

The Carmel site provides reading commentaries for the current week via pdf (english download).  

Letter from Cardinal John Regarding Otari Parish Property Review   Cardinal John has responded to the parish property review submission asking the parish to retain St Teresas Church and Hall, and the flats at Cardinal McKeefrey school. However he has asked that the Parish sell St Thomas More Church once the Cathedral is reopened.

The Cathedral was to have re-opened in July 2021 but the new shovel ready grant from Government allowing for more earthquake strengthening work over three years has changed that timeline.  St Teresas church will remain the pro-Cathedral during that time.  It is expected that St Thomas More church will also remain open during that time.       The full letter is available here in pdf format.