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WELCOME to the website for the Catholic Parish of Otari which covers the areas of Karori, Wilton and Northland.  The parish has two churches, St Teresas in Karori and St Thomas More in Wilton (see contact page)



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Being a Disciple  July 13 - 15th Sunday In Ordinary Time   

In the past few weeks we have been gripped by the ordeal of 12 Thai boys and their coach cooped up in a cave away from civilization, as rescuers sought to rescue them before their situation became worse. The world waited and prayed for their successful journey back to the outside world.  

In the Gospel today I sense that same sense of urgency as Jesus sent his disciples out to spread the Good News of the Kingdom. The event is recorded in Mark, whose account we hear today, and in Matthew and Luke. They are allowed to take very little and instead are to rely on their own devices. A purse can hold a lot of money. A belt can hold a little. Jesus mentioned both to emphasize that no money should be taken.  

Mark allowed for a walking stick (for self-defence) and sandals (a must on rocky roads), though Matthew and Luke forbade them. Such unrealistic instructions in the latter Gospels had the symbolic meaning of trusting in God, entering in interdependent relationships with others, staying vulnerable, and practicing non-violence. The instruction to travel light can also indicate urgency: preach the Word of God now without further delay or preparation.

"Whatever house you find yourself in, stay there until you leave the locality," is an instruction against social climbing, moving to richer and richer houses as one's influence grows. Shaking the dust off a rejecting town is a symbolic and non-violent gesture that makes clear that the inhospitable town rejects others, so they will also be rejected.

The main point of this gospel is that the disciples are to extend Jesus' ministry in words and in deeds, while minimizing their dependence on material concerns. Jesus taught the disciples how to deal with both  

hospitality and rejection.  

Some points for Reflection:  

Jesus sent the disciples to spread the gospel. Where am I sent to spread Gods message!

Am I ready to start extending Jesus' words and deeds right now, traveling light, or am I beefing up my financial security first? How do I deal with hospitality and rejection while doing God's work?

• Have I accepted or rejected those who bring the Word of God to me? Or both?  

Fr Ron

Father Ron Bennett has been appointed by the Archbishop of Wellington, Cardinal John Dew to be the Moderator of the Cathedral Parish until February 2019.

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The Good Companions Club for Senior Citizens meets in St Teresas Hall on Tuesday July 24th from 11.00am to 1.00pm. All are welcome.

Otari Parish morning tea is on Friday 27th of July, in the Presbytery after 9.30am Mass. All are welcome.  

A reminder that the rosters can be found on Otari Parish website. Please consider volunteering for a Parish Ministry. If you are interested and require more information please contact the office. 


Otari Parish First Communion Timetable: 

Parents Session: Wednesday October 24th, 7.00pm at St Thomas More Church

Childrens Sessions:

These are held in St Teresas Hall, starting at 9.15am on the following Sundays:

• First session: November 4th  

• Second session: 11th November  

• Third session: 18th November  

The First Communion Rehearsal:  

Saturday 24th of November at 10.00am at St Teresas Church

First Communion Day:  

• Sunday 25th November at 10.00am at St Teresas Church.

Congratulations to all the Confirmation Candidates from our Pastoral Area who were confirmed at the 10am Mass, at St Teresas Church on Sunday July 8th. (more photos in Gallery) 

Otari Parish Confirmation Candidates: Nico Aldred, Fevian DSouza, Caleb Edmonds, Angel Encarnado,  Maddie Honiss, Max Honiss, Stephanie Joyce, Logan Mahoney, Sophia Millin, Jessica Marr, Lucas Nash, Tiana Nguyen, Tommy OSullivan, Emily Parker, Hazel Pratt, George Scotland, Freddie Sligh, Angel Sligh, Alex Smith, Daniel Smith, Ellie Sutherland, Thomas Tuimavave, Lucja Tumilowicz, Lua Tutuila, Sulia Tutuila, Joseph Finau, Robin Taumoeanga, Nosi Taumoeanga, Oli Tuamoheloa, Joseph Tuamoheloa, 


Financial  Information YE2018 

 Here are the latest parish financial accounts provided for parishioners as stewards of their parish.  Please read them and keep up to date.


 Engaged Encounter :  

This is a weekend experience for couples intending to be married. Weekends Scheduled for 2018 are; 14-15 July, 3-4 November.Registrations close two weeks before.    Venue: Presbytery, 301 Karori Road,Karori, Wellington. For more details go to the  Website at: or phone Kate and Simon Olsen on 8016192, or email them on

SYNOD OUTCOMES BOOKLET (Available as a PDF - Please click here) "I now ask parishes to start planning how they will implement the Synod outcomes in their particular situation."  Cardinal John Dew."  Otari Parish will definitely be integrating the Synod outcomes into parish planning so please include the Synod outcomes booklet in your reading.



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