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WELCOME to the website for the Catholic Parish of Otari which covers the areas of Karori, Wilton and Northland.  The parish has two churches, St Teresas in Karori and St Thomas More in Wilton (see contact page. 


St Teresa’s Church, 301 Karori Rd, Karori.   Mass Times: Saturday 5.30pm, Sunday 10.00am.  Weekdays: Tuesday - Friday 9.30am;  Saturday 9am. Exposition: 1st Friday of the month. St Thomas More Church, 30a Worcester St, Wilton. Mass Times: Sunday 8.30am. Reconciliation and Baptism: by appointment.

Otari Parish Health and Safety:  We encourage parishioners to alert the office of any hazards around our facilities and any potential hazards.  In the case of an emergency evacuation, people need to leave the church/hall immediately and assemble as follows:  At St Teresas—in the middle of the school playground  At St Thomas More in the car park.  Parking at the churches needs to allow for emergency vehicles.



Otari Parish monthly morning tea:  

Is on Friday, 28th September in the Presbytery after the 9.30am Mass (starts approx.10am). All are welcome. 

Good Companions:  

Meets on Tuesday, September 25th in St Teresas Church Hall from 11.00am to 1.00pm. All are welcome.

St Teresas School Fair:  

If you couldnt get to the St Teresas School Fair this weekend but would like to make a donation, you can make a deposit to the: Otari parish account

02 0536 0392292 00 with the reference FAIR and we will ensure the school receives it.

Father Ron: Will be away at a conference in Fiji from the afternoon of the 30th of September until the 8th of October.

St Teresas Feast Day: is on Sunday October 7th, and will be celebrated in St Teresas Church Hall after Mass.

PPC Minutes Available under Parish Council tab



Wel-Com this week
Wel-Com 2 September 2018.pdf (318.52KB)
Wel-Com this week
Wel-Com 2 September 2018.pdf (318.52KB)




Read the Sunday Lectionary texts and ask yourself if they have an application to our parish and to New Zealand today?  Discuss it with your fellow parishioners.

Read the today's Mass readings. Today’s Reading:  

The parish is currently in Year B of the three year cycle of lectionary readings.  For more information about our church liturgical calendar check out the national liturgy website HERE


"Let us praise the Father, the Son, and Holy Spirit: To you be highest glory and praise for ever. May you be blessed, O Lord, in the heavens. To you be glory and praise for ever"
Daniel 3

We are the Body of Christ, the Church.

Sunday after Sunday, as the disciples of Christ, we gather with him in our midst in order that we can give praise and worship to our God.

Gathering in name of Christ, listening to his Word, giving thanks for all God's blessings, being nourished by Body and Blood of Christ, going forth to live what we proclaim - this is who we are; this is what we do.

The illustration chosen Ordinary Time depicts the community of faith, hearts alive, surrounding the “icthus” symbol of the Christian. The ever-present stars are a constant reminder that we are a people under the Southern skies. The fern and "koru hearts" makes this community undeniably New Zealand. The "icthus" marks us as proudly Christian. Logo Credit NZCBC.

25th Sunday in Ordinary Time September 22nd –23rd Year B


When the All Blacks lost last Saturday night, reaction came quickly. Some simply criticised the players and coaches. Later, others took a more philosophical view. It was a great game, and we lost to a great team. Perhaps the loss will be good in the long run. Keep us grounded, not so sure of ourselves. Its what happens afterwards thats important.

That describes some of my feelings as I return from a gathering of 185 diocesan priests in Christchurch last week. It was a great time, sharing the joy of ones sacrament of priesthood with others. Together, we represented 4842 years of priestly service! 

I was able to meet priests I had not met for a long time and who I greatly admired. Many of them were now growing old gracefully. Then there were the young shoots, full of energy. Many of them were from the Philippines and India. What a blessing they are for our Church. 

Both the keynote speakers noted, and indeed from our own experience, that our church is facing severe difficulties. These are not so much outside forces but also come from within. It is a time to take stock and plan ahead. Perhaps this period of time will be good for us. 

Pope Francis is indeed a Pope for our times. He sees the difficulties and he is challenging us to live the gospel in a new way: 

The danger of clericalism. Here priests are treated in a differential way, they make arbitrary decisions and run the show.They control what happens. Others can feel second class. Servant Leadershipgoes out the window. Priests live in a world apart. They dont smell the sheep.

We must reach out to the peripheries, and not look in on ourselves. Francis sets an example as he meets the refugees at Lampadozza; he washes the feet of women and men of all religions (and none) in prison. Is this not also what Jesus teaches us, to reach out to those neglected and ignored, even hated by others. 

To remember Pauls image of the Body (1 Cor 12/ 18-22.) Through baptism, each of us becomes part of the Body of Christ. Each a different and limited part, but once we are joined to, and work with the whole body, we really do become Christ in action, and can change the world.

We carry on, like the disciples in todays gospel, having learnt a hard lesson, but determined to be better for it.

Fr Ron  

25th Sunday in Ordinary Time  

September 22nd –23rd  

Year B



Parish Property update:  

Those at St Teresas will see we have replaced the ceiling, lights and heaters over on the roadside of the church. This is to correct the damage done from previous roof leaks. 

We are awaiting our builders to reseal the holes above the sanctuary now we know there are no more leaks in that area. Once this is completed, the parquet flooring will be repaired.  

The aluminium windows on the right hand of the sanctuary will be resealed in the spring. At St Thomas More, a new heat pump has been installed and the roof has also been repaired where leaks were occurring in the centre iron join. 

Cracks in the lounge walls and the foundations are also being monitored by engineers to ensure there is no major subsidence occurring.




Otari Parish First Communion Timetable: 

Parents Session: Wednesday October 24th, 7.00pm at St Thomas More Church

Childrens Sessions:

These are held in St Teresas Hall, starting at 9.15am on the following Sundays:

• First session: November 4th  

• Second session: 11th November  

• Third session: 18th November  

The First Communion Rehearsal:  

Saturday 24th of November at 10.00am at St Teresas Church

First Communion Day:  

• Sunday 25th November at 10.00am at St Teresas Church.



Financial  Information YE2018 

 Here are the latest parish financial accounts provided for parishioners as stewards of their parish.  Please read them and keep up to date.






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