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This  essay written by Christine Cheyne was first published in 'Women Together: a History of Women's Organisations in New Zealand' in 1993. It was updated by Anne Lumb in 2018. A good read even if it is just to see the fab 1970 photo of the Upper Hutt CWL singing group. 

Rosary Booklet
Rosary Booklet.pdf (1.09MB)
Rosary Booklet
Rosary Booklet.pdf (1.09MB)

This booklet has been designed by Ethne Wyndham-Smith, together with the expertise of Catherine in the office, in 2017, as a teaching tool for the children attending St Teresa's. Rosaries have been donated by parishioners from 9.30am weekday Mass. 

Our next Otari meeting is Wednesday 21st April, 7.30pm in church foyer, about the history of The Stations of the Cross and Vonnie will speak. 

The Stations of the Cross originated in pilgrimage to Jerusalem and a desire to reproduce the Via Dolorosa. Imitating holy places was not a new concept. Their efforts were recognized when Franciscans were officially proclaimed custodians of holy places by Pope Clement VI in 1342. 

 Love Grace Handbag Appeal Grace Millane was tragically murdered while travelling in New Zealand in December 2018. Grace loved handbags, so in her name and in association with Women's Refuge, BNZ were collecting handbags and filling them with useful items to help women in need. CWL Otari collected, packaged and organised delivery to the BNZ.  Anne Lumb and myself had a very successful Sunday (7/3) and filled 25 handbags with the donated goods, est value $2200. Here's the link below to the CWL Facebook page and scroll down for this story and photos. Diane has collected the handbags and her daughter-in-law Mel works for the BNZ, so the bank are coming to us!  There has been a notice in the newsletter 14/3 to thank the parishioners for the contributions from St Teresa's, St Thomas More and Cathedral parishes.  The bags have been delivered to the BNZ Johnsonville for further distribution.   


Latest from the Susans: CWL National newsletter from Susan Dickson  and Archdio President Susan Lloyd. 


Christmas Pickle–Alison Holst

8 c finely diced cucumber (unpeeled, seeds discarded))
¼ c salt (plain)
4 onions finely diced
2 – 3 red peppers finely diced
3 c sugar
1 tsp celery seed
1 tsp mustard seed
2 c wine (or white) vinegar
2 -3 Tbsp cornflour
Sprinkle chopped cucumber with salt and stand for 30 mins, stirring several times. Drain & rinse, discard liquid.
Put all ingredients except cornflour into large pot and bring to boil, stirring constantly. Mix cornflour with a little extra vinegar and thicken the mixture.
Pour into sterilised jars and seal.


Trade Aid Easter 

 Recipes FYI





 With a mouthful of liquorice, I gladly view, a wonderful photo, of friends anew

My Secret Santa glasses are a standout, I gladly advise

My rose coloured vision, Is now greatly admired

To you all, I wish good cheer. And in the new year, we tentatively tread

To welcome the year, bravely, fearlessly and with great care. 

Wellington Archdiocesan Council Members: LtoR-Kath Emmerson, Karen Saunders, Susan Lloyd, Diane Glynan, Christine Paterson, Sam Walker, Anne Lumb, Anne McGrath. Absent: Christina Dwyer, Carolyn Johns and Pat O'Connor


2020 Otari AGM Wednesday October 21st, St Thomas More 6.30pm. Current committee restanding: Ethne-Wyndham-Smith, President; Diane Glynan, Treasurer; Karen Saunders, Secretary; Anne Lumb, Mission Secretary and Vonnie Nunns, committee member. Subscriptions now due $25, payable by December 2020. 

Thank you to members and parishioners who attended the very interesting evening with Mike Scrivener, Shoes for Planet Earth. A not-for-profit organisation which collects recycled running shoes for needy youth-put smiles on their feet and on their faces. They also collect and distribute good quality dress shoes and hiking boots - the larger the sizes the better! Thank you to those who donated shoes and brought them to the meeting. There will also be a collection box in both churches for a few weeks afterwards. SOLE4SOULS - helping the planet and changing someone's life!   

The WUCWO Otari and Onslow gathering and hosting the WUCWO Liturgy (World Union of Catholic Women's Association) Wednesday 23 September, St Thomas More, went very well, despite the weather, a very good turnout and $102.70 was raised. WUCWO, a worldwide organisation are celebrating 110 years and affiliated to CWL nationally. 

About 80 women attended the November 9th, Day of Reflection-Living with Gratitude, a very successful day led by Joy Cowley, Our Lady of Grace Church and Pettit Centre, Heretaunga. Three sessions: Women in the Gospel, Women in the Church and Women in the World. WelCom Newspaper article link below.

 So here we are,  June 2020 Archdiocesan Council, with our best smiles and wearing something yellow. Susan had asked us to wear something yellow for the meeting - our first actual gathering since lockdown. We had a zoom meeting in May. Even the vase of flowers obliged. From LtoR:  Sam Walker, Wgtn Regional Rep; Kath Emmerson, Hutt Valley and Kapiti Regional Rep; Anne Lumb, Mission Convenor; Karen Saunders, Secretary. Seated: Christina Dwyer, WUCWO Rep and Christine Paterson, Immediate Past President/Archdiocesan Chaplain. Susan Lloyd, President (took the photo). Absent (officially): Diane Glynan, Treasurer and Anne McGrath, Social Issues.   Susan's July newsletter, just below, also has another photo, with Susan in it this time.          


                                        THE LATEST AND GREATEST NEWSLETTERS


Cardinal John Dew speaking at our conference, which he does every year.  Pictured is Diane Glynan, Treasurer, and Christine Paterson, President. Listening intently in far right corner is Susan Lloyd who took up office of President for the second time in May 2020. +John Dew's address is covered in Minutes. The conference date for 2021 has also just been confirmed and will be Thursday 18th March, hosted by the Kapiti Region at the new Church, Our Lady of Kapiti, Paraparaumu. Unfortunately the St Margaret Clitherow gathering on Tuesday 25th August had to be cancelled, watch this space for 2021 updates. 

The Archdiocesan Conference March 16th went very well and with the earlier date in March, we were very lucky to be able to still host it.  The conference also marked the 75th anniversary of Archdiocesan conferences, so pictured with the afternoon tea birthday cake, from LtoR: Christine Paterson, Archdiocesan President (term finished May) Kay Blackburn, former National President and Susan Dickson, current National President.  Here is the link to June WelCom issue for conference story.

The Archdiocesan Conference collection for Stella Maris was initially $272.40. The raffle total was $320 and $200 from that money was donated to the technical support we received on the day. An incredible effort by the Hutt region for organising of the day and keeping the costs so low. The Council bumped up the amount to $300 for Stella Maris, Apostleship of the Sea, and that has been sent through and the acknowledgement from Peter Kerr, Treasurer is posted below.

"Good Morning Diane and Karen, Yesterday Rose Celeste emailed me to say that the Archdiocesan Catholic Women's League was about to deposit a $300 donation to Stella Maris. I would like to add my special thanks to you for for this kind of gift.  The world of the seafarer often goes overlooked; it is always gratifying to see faces light up on board ship when a visitor arrives with their well-being the sole purpose. We volunteers are presently unable to visit ships in port in the pandemic crisis; more the pity since it is a stressful time to be away from home and family.  We will use your donation to purchase personal items for those seafarers who visit Wellington; items such as beanies, scarves, gloves and other treats. These items are always eagerly received. Thank you from all the members of Stella Maris, Wellington." 

The National At Home Appeal will be 'Days for Girls' and organisation that supports the needs of girls by donating money for sanitary protection. The cost of these items is beyond the family budget for many girls in low decile colleges resulting in days missed from their studies. Girls' learning opportunities and their dignity are really important and to be valued.

Minutes, Financial and Presidents' Reports from 2020 Conference 


Our CWL year finished with a wonderful Christmas party with the young Tongan Youth Choir singing carols and entertaining us, spiritually and culturally. 

Two website links below for your consideration and consultation with regional council offices. The first one is all about the plastic issue that plagues the planet now and from French perspective. Second one is Sweden following close behind and almost 100% recycling.  See what New Zealand is doing. 

Sunday 13th October 2019 after 10am Mass - our Retro 70s Food Stall raised $338.50 for the Mary Potter Hospice.  Lourdes Gittus won the raffle.

2019 Archdiocesan and National newsletters 

Gifting and Promotions Sunday July 7th 2019

 See the newsletter of 14th July - back page.  Special thanks to Ethne of course and parish office, Catherine and Maria.

Over $700 was collected from St Teresa's and St Thomas More for Tourette's Syndrome and our ongoing support for our Pacific Community in Nabala Fiji. Our thanks to our speakers: Ethne Wyndham-Smith 5.30 pm Vigil, Vonnie Nunns 8.30 am St Thomas More and Diane Glynan for 10am. On behalf of the Otari CWL committee and members, thanks a million and we look forward to continuing our Faith, Action and Service in the Otari Parish, where we have played an active part in St Teresa's Parish, Karori since 1963, (see below Jubilee 2013) working with Parish Priests in all the Ministries, support for families and aspects of Parish Life. Following on from the 2018 CWL Theme - Care for Creation, 2019 it is 'Women Welcoming Change'. See below for more information on '101 ways to save the planet' following on from the Laudato Si encyclical from Pope Francis, on the care of our common home. We are pro-active in our community and the conference donation from AGM 30 March was $255 worth of pantry goods for the Homeless Women's Trust and we have organised a $400 donation to the Islamic Women's Council in remembrance and to assist and support following the Christchurch attacks in March.  Pictured is one of our 'signature activities' making posies for Mothers Day in our Parish. 300 posies this year for 6 Masses. 

Together we can make a difference.

"2016: The word I want to share with you today is relevance. Is the Catholic Women’s League still relevant in our Parish and Communities? Is this an organisation you only join when you retire? Something our mothers did. "

        Relevance, is our democratic voice: to speak, to do, to serve, to support and to act within our parish and our communities. 

Ethne 2017.doc (25.0KB)
Ethne 2017.doc (25.0KB)

 "2017: The mission of the League is: to enhance the spiritual & intellectual growth of members, participate in mission, in parish life, to be a voice heard in national social concerns such as the ongoing Euthanasia saga, membership of National Council of Women, and international affairs as members of the World Union of Catholic Women’s Organisations. "

Upper Hutt Branch shared this wonderful photo of children year 1 at St Michael's Taita with their new gloves and mittens knitted by Heretaunga and Upper Hutt branch members. A project three years in the making. Story also in WelCom October 2019.  

Wednesday July 3rd - Heretaunga branch hosted an extremely successful afternoon for the Tourette's Association which is the National Mission At Home Appeal for 2019.  Robyn Twemlow, pictured centre right, founded the Association when her daughter was diagnosed and she could not find any form of assistance or support. The Tourette's Association of NZ (TANZ) is a registered charitable trust, established in 2013 to provide support and information services to New Zealanders living with Tourette Syndrome. It also provides professional development sessions to the health and education sectors. The Association does not receive any form of public health funding as it is not recognised as a disability.  Pictured with Robyn LtoR is Christine Paterson, Chris Wasson-President of Heretaunga Branch, Kath Emmerson-Hutt Region Regional Rep and Christina Dwyer.     The video you may like to watch with Robyn talking with her daughter through the Ted Talks Medium.

Remembering Anne Conroy RIP, pictured with flowers following presentation August 2016 at St Margaret Clitherow gathering at Otari St Thomas More, for 7 years as Regional Rep for Wellington Region. Pictured with Christine Paterson and back row LtoR: Ita Delahunty, Kathi George, Beverley Telfer, Kath Cain and Vonnie Nunns.      May she rest in peace

Wellington Archdiocesan Council Conference 30 March 2019

Fay Doyle pictured with Christine Paterson, Wellington Archdiocesan President. Fay retired from 'active duty' on the Archdiocesan Council as Regional Rep for the Kapiti Region; she has also been involved with National Council of Women and represented CWL overseas four times attending WUCWO Assemblies (World Union of Catholic Women's Organisations)  See CWL link below and also the art meditation through the WUCWO website.                   

Cardinal John Dew opened and blessed the conference and was the first Keynote speaker.  "I am pleased that you have asked me to talk about this today, it needs to be spoken about and it needs to be spoken about by everyone, because if we don’t the clerical attitude in the Church will continue and abusers will need be challenged to face up to the evil that this is. I was asked to say something about “clericalism.”"  Cardinal John's full speech and two relevant documents are above, along with Minutes and some Reports below. If you are interested in receiving reports not listed: (WUCWO, NCW, Mission, Social Issues, Associates and Regional highlights) please contact Karen Saunders, contact details above. 


                                             NEWSLETTERS AND REPORTS - Keeping you up to date




CWL AGM Wednesday 17th October 2018, committee re standing: Ethne Wyndham-Smith-President, Vonnie Nuns-Vice President, Diane Glynan-Treasurer/Minute Secretary, Karen Saunders-Secretary and Anne Lumb will be Mission Convenor.  Pictured left to right: Christine Paterson (Archdiocesan President), Diane Glynan, Sam Walker (Regional Rep), Anne Lumb, Ethne Wyndham-Smith, Vonnie Nunns, Monica Smith, Delia McCaffrey and Margaret West. (Photo: Karen Saunders) Diane spoke briefly about her trip and shared some photos and video clips, of the Tamariki Learning Centre, a school in the slums of Nairobi, totally funded from NZ. The main focus was visiting the school and taking as much equipment for the school in the luggage. 



Otari CWL had a wonderful day helping at the 2018 St Teresa's School Fair with the plant and garden stall. Altho' a tad cool in the southerly corner! Anne Lumb wrapping up well. We would like to thank all those who grew and donated plants; especially the schoolchildren who grew daffodils (donated by The Warehouse) small cactus plants and Mondo Grasses. California Home and Garden (the Lowe family) Lower Hutt; Palmers Garden Centre, Miramar and Tamara Presland for their donations to our stall. Fay Bastion was amused to win the raffle, a large potted plant of pansies which she also donated, along with many other plants. We raised about $400 from our stall and overall the school raised about $20,000 for the new refurbished playground.  


Car Boot Sale Saturday every November, Cardinal McKeefrey school playground. Pictured left, fellow partners in crime from 2015: Karen Saunders, Diane Glynan, Anne Lumb and Ethne Whyndham-Smith (red hair) hiding behind the board. This is the CWL National Mission At Home Appeal fundraiser (2019 is Tourette's Association of NZ) and we are always gathering all sorts to sell. If you would like to donate please let us know. 2018 total was $256.70, many thanks to those who supported and donated.KS

National Conference, Brentwood, Kilbirnie, July 25 - 28th 2018 

Sam Walker, Wellington Regional Representative, welcomes members to Wellington.

The Best Bus on the Home of Compassion Pilgrimage on Friday afternoon July 27th. 75 conference attendees had a wonderful afternoon visiting the newly refurbished Heritage Centre.

Minutes, Homily Opening Mass, Keynote speaker Anne Dickinson, Reports and Photos from conference. More reports are available on request. 


St Josephine.doc (209.0KB)
St Josephine.doc (209.0KB)

St. Josephine Bakhita (1869-1947), a Sudanese woman who was sold into brutal and abusive slavery as a young girl in the Darfur region of Africa, eventually transported to Italy to work for a friend of her owner’s family, and, when she resisted returning to Africa in favor of joining the religious order who taught the young daughter of the family for whom she worked, was set free because of the dictates of Italian law. After professing eternal vows, she lived out the remainder of her life as a Canossian Sister of the Institute of Catechumens in Venice, Italy. St. Josephine was canonized by Pope John Paul II in 2000 and is recognized as the patron saint of Sudan. According to the existing accounts of her life, there are two prominent bits of biographical history that are attributed to St. Josephine. One is this beautiful quotation: “Be good, love the Lord, pray for those who do not know him. What a great grace it is to know God!” The other is that, amongst the Canossian Sisters in Venice, St. Josephine’s mission was carried out in the services of “cooking, sewing, embroidery and attending the door.” To read more click on above document.   

The story behind the Wellington Archdiocesan report is sort of explanatory as you go.

However, the Paraparaumu Branch donated $300 to Viard College, when they realised that girls were not attending classes because families could not afford to buy sanitary products and were missing ¼ of classes each term.  

Interestingly enough the supermarkets have now also recently reduced the prices. 

St Margaret Clitherow, Patron Saint

2018 Upper Hutt Branch hosted a very successful gathering of CWL Members from all Branches in the Wellington Archdiocese. Starting with Mass 11.15am at St Joseph's Church, 1 Pine Avenue, Upper Hutt, on Friday 31st August followed by a shared lunch. At the end of lunch there was a short discussion led by the CWL Archdiocesan President, Christine Paterson on continuing theme Care for Creation and how we as 'Women Welcoming Change' (the new theme) continue to help the environment. 50 people in attendance. 

At our Margaret Clitherow Archdiocesan Celebration on Friday, we talked about Laudato Si, and the ways in which we can learn to live with minimal use of plastics.

Also, Pope Francis has invited us during the current Season of Creation, to look to the gift of water, and how we might conserve it.

 Social Issues Officer, Kath Cain has forwarded on the attached booklet that Christine Paterson (Archdiocesan President) gave to each of our branches on Friday. Needless to say, it would be a very big print job to provide a booklet for every member, so here it is online for you to read, and maybe to print for yourself and your family. It covers both of the topics mentioned above, and many more.

  As you see, it was designed for children. This makes it simple, clear, and readable - suitable for our simple clear brains to absorb, and also suitable for sharing with children. Very good for keeping this vital conversation going.

  Page 8 gives water conservation ideas - see if you can find the relevant plastics section. 😜


Otari CWL submission to NCW regarding the Law Commission Abortion debate


 Regional Meeting 2018

 Archdiocese AGM hosted by Levin branch 20 March 2018  

Levin AGM photos
Members attending AGM
2018 Levin AGM.pdf (981.04KB)
Levin AGM photos
Members attending AGM
2018 Levin AGM.pdf (981.04KB)

Mary Richardson (Upper Hutt) RIP 2018 pictured here (right) with Ethne Wyndham-Smith in 2017 at Lower Hutt AGM/Conference age 93. Her Golden Fudge recipe was on the back of her funeral leaflet - a delightful tribute to a wonderful woman remembered as a role model for women but most of a caring woman towards all in the community.



Candide is an operetta with music composed by Leonard Bernstein, based on the 1759 novella of the same name by Voltaire. The operetta was first performed in 1956 with a libretto by Lillian Hellman. The lyrics of the finale below, led by two lead characters Candide and Cunegonde his wife.

You've been a fool, And so have I,

But come and be my wife, And let us try,

Before we die, To make some sense of life. 

We're neither pure, nor wise, nor good

We'll do the best we know.

We'll build our house and chop our wood

And make our garden grow...

And make our garden grow.

I thought the world was sugar cake

For so our master said.

But, now I'll teach my hands to bake

Our loaf of daily bread.

We're neither pure, nor wise, nor good

We'll do the best we know.

We'll build our house and chop our wood

And make our garden grow...

And make our garden grow  

Any questions? 

 Memorable Moments

Otari/Karori CWL Branch AGM held 18th October 2017 was tinged with sadness as we farewelled our very strong and long serving member of both CWL and St Teresa's Parish Karori and Community, Mrs Anne Joyce. Pictured with Wellington Archdiocesan President Christine Paterson who was invited by Otari to make the presentation.  Anne was CWL Wellington Archdiocesan Council President for 4 years commencing 1987, National President 2010 also for 4 years. Incidentally at that time both the Secretary Diane Glynan and Treasurer Anne Lumb, also from Karori. Has been Branch President in Christchurch, Dunedin, Hamilton and Wellington and was Chairperson of the Parish Council in the 1990s and currently Co-ordinator for the 'Good Companions' group meeting monthly at St Teresa's Church hall.  We all wish Anne and Bill a happy transition from Wellington to Christchurch.                     In Faith and Service. 

Cassie 100.doc (589.0KB)
Cassie 100.doc (589.0KB)

Remembering Cassie Devlin 11 June 2017. She celebrated her 100 birthday in April. Otari CWL sent a letter to Te Hopai, delivered by Anne Joyce.  The Karori Banner by the way, is permanently kept in one of Cassie's pillow cases, for safe keeping! Pictured in photo below hanging in the foyer just behind Delia. 

Changing of the Guard AGM October 2014 WelCom Photo

From L to R: Penny Dravitski, Minute Secretary; Margaret France RIP, Treasurer; Janet Lowe, President; Delia McCaffrey, Secretary. 

In her final report to the members present, Janet Lowe paid tribute to the dedication and service of these women with a set of acronyms for each of their names i.e. Penny =Patience, enthusiasm, neat, never too much trouble, and just being You; Margaret =Meticulous, alertness, reliable, generosity, admirable, responsibility, enthusiasm, thorough; Delia = Diligence, efficient, loyal, integrity, adaptability. The members reciprocated (off the cuff) with Janet’s name = Just, admirable, notable, excellence, tremendous.

    The radiant Lucie Kellar RIP 13th June 2020 

 2013 Karori CWL celebrated their 50th Jubilee, we had  a  great party!

 Keeping the show on the road 2010 Karori CWL Committee

LtoR: Margaret West, Mission; Delia McCaffrey, Secretary; Aileen Thompson, committee member (RIP); Cecily Wheeler, President and Margaret France, Treasurer (RIP).