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Parish Council  Elections: 
Otari Parish has an elected Parish  Pastoral Council, elected by  parishioners for four years. To preserve continuality elections are held for five members every 2 years. This means that 5 members from the present  Parish Council will stay on for 2 more years, and 5 new members will be elected.  Those who have completed their term are  Christine Kuper, Erwin Palado, Rachel Roth,  Sarah Mayo, and Benny Taualupe. We thank them for their dedicated service. Nominations will be called next weekend to fill 5 vacancies on the Parish Pastoral Council. Please consider carefully whom you will nominate to be on the Parish Pastoral Council. You may want to ask that person if they would like to be nominated.  Nominations are by paper vote. You nominate the name of a person who you consider would make a good Parish Pastoral Councillor.  All those nominated will be contacted by Fr Ron and asked if they would like to accept nomination.  Those who accept nomination are asked to supply a photo of themselves on the top half of an A 4 piece of paper, with a brief résumé́ of themselves and why they would be happy to accept  nomination. (A photo can be taken, and a layout done by the parish if necessarily).  Photos and résumés will be displayed in both churches and on the parish website for  Approximately 3 – 4 weeks.  Voting will likely be on the weekend of 15/16 June




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The Imam

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Friday March 22 2019 

Dear Imam

The Catholic Otari Parish of Wellington expresses it’s deepest condolences to the Muslims of New Zealand following the tragic events in Christchurch.  The parish is shocked by this act of extremism to murder and maim fellow believers of God in their place of worship.

It has galvanized New Zealanders to come to the support of our New Zealand Islamic family and hold them in prayer and shared grief.  We reiterate the words of Prime Minister Jacinda Adern, “"They were New Zealanders, they were us. Because they were us, we mourn them," she said. "We cannot know your grief but we can walk with you at every stage."

Our faith enjoins us to prayer of Imam Nizam ul haq Thanvi in Parliament this week,  “Oh Lord we ask you to accept those who lost their lives as martyrs and give them the highest position in paradise. Oh Lord, we ask you to give full recovery to all those who were injured.”

Prayers of reparation and healing will be offered at our Sunday Masses to the God of our faiths in the hope that, tragic as these events are, they will help lead all New Zealanders to a deeper understanding of God’s presence in the life of our nation.  

In the peace of God, As-Salaam-Alaikum

 Fr Ron Bennett, Parish priest

Fr Sanele Finau, Assistant parish priest, Tongan Chaplain

Fr Tikoura, Assistant parish priest, chaplain Niue and Kiribati

Erwin Palado, Chair Parish Council

David Ross, Parish Councillor

Pat Gee, Parish Councillor

Kevin Carr, Parish Councillor

Sarah Mayo, Parish Councillor

Rachel Roth, Parish Councillor

Benny Taulupe. Parish Councillor

Lagi Tuimavave, Parish Councillor






 The parish council meets once a month, usually every third Wednesday of the month.  The Parish council minutes are available to read on a sub page here. 

Currently council members are reading and reflecting on the Synod outcomes, which are available to all parishioners (see Synod page), and on the four pillars of stewardship (see stewardship page)  



A pastoral letter (dated February 15, 2019) from Cardinal John Dew to all parishioners about his Directive requiring parishes to review the number of churches and presbyteries taking into account their mass count and the availability of priests and lay leaders. The Directive requires parish pastoral teams and leadership to meet in the near future and to look at how they might carry out this process, and to consult parishioners about the review. The reviews with developed proposals must be submitted to the Cardinal’s office by the end of October 2019.

The full letter in PDF format is available below.  





Otari Parish Manifesto
Otari Parish Manifesto.pdf (716.38KB)
Otari Parish Manifesto
Otari Parish Manifesto.pdf (716.38KB)
Otari Parish Health & Safety Plan
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Otari Parish Health & Safety Plan
Otari Health and Safety Plan for web .pdf (352.05KB)