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This is older content but left for parishioners to review 

Here are the parish Synod  actions from the Synod workshop in August.  


 "I now ask parishes to start planning how they will implement the Synod outcomes in their particular situation."  Cardinal John Dew.    





Our Parish Synod Workshop will be on September 8 (afternoon) .  We would like participants to register using the form below.  You have been asked to choose two topics of synod recommendations 1, 2 , 3 & 12.   You will be assigned to a group at the Planning Day and asked to tell your group your recommendations.  After everyone has told their group their recommendations, the group facilitator will ask each participant what, if anything, anyone else has said, has resonated or clicked with them. 

The group will then proceed to discuss what parish actions the parish might undertake in the light of the Synod recommendations.   The actions will be given to Fr Ron and Parish Pastoral Council to enact.   


This word doc is the parish synod document that will be considered at the workshop on September 8.  Please download it and read it.  Thank you

The four Synod sections we are focusing on are:

  • The peripheries of society which is about social justice and works of charity
  • A spirituality of service is about is about liturgy and prayer
  • Finding leaders is about one's time and talents in service of the church
  • Building community is about building parish community life.